2024 Artist Entries NOW Open


Delivery, freighting and collection of artworks


All artworks must be delivered with the following:

1. Artwork Label: All entries must have their own unique art show label (with barcode) affixed to the REAR TOP LEFT of the artwork which has been printed from Gallery 247 (log into your personal gallery and print from there).  Each label has the unique artwork entry number and bar code which is used for the art show catalogue, price tag, sales, receipt and collection.

2. Delivery Docket: All entries must be accompanied by a Delivery Docket listing all artworks being received.  The art show organisers will check and sign the delivery docket and return to you as proof of delivery.  This docket needs to be presented when collecting unsold works. The delivery docket is available to download from your Gallery 247 account.

NOTE: art work labels and delivery dockets are not available from your Gallery 247 account until the "acceptance" process has been complete and artworks have been assigned a unique Clare Art Show ID number.  All artists will receive an email with instructions for printing and delivering artworks after the "acceptance" process.


Clare Town Hall (Art Show Location)
229 Main North Road
Clare  SA
For enquiries during Clare Town Hall pick-up times call 0418 894 304

See Key Dates & Locations for delivery times.


Rotary Club of Clare provides a free pick up (and delivery) service for paintings/drawings (no sculptures) at: 

Mitchell Park Location (no sculptures*)
Marion Church of Christ
Alawoona Avenue
Mitchell Park SA 
For enquiries during delivery times call 0418 894 304

*All artworks must be suitably packaged for transport.  NO sculptures sorry.

See Key Dates & Locations for details.

Elizabeth Location (no sculptures*)
ArtsNorth (Elizabeth Art Society)
Judd House
7 Judd Road
Elizabeth  SA 
For enquiries during delivery times call 0418 894 304

*All artworks must be suitably packaged for transport.  NO sculptures sorry.

Minimum requirements are bubble wrap on the front and rear of the painting.  Pick up and returns shall only be to/from Rotary personnel or Clare Art Show organisers at the times and locations listed. 

See Key Dates & Locations for details.

NOTE: While every care will be taken, the Clare Art Show and Rotary Club of Clare Inc will not be responsible for any loss or damage.  As per the terms and conditions of entry, the artist is responsible for insurance.


Deliveries must have entry number/detail labels affixed to artwork and couriered or posted must be free of charge, and addressed to:


Address to:

Clare Art Show
PO Box 353
Clare SA 5453

Note: for artworks to be returned via Australia Post a quote will be obtained from Australia Post for return postage.  Quote will be emailed to artists for payment prior to returning artworks.  Australia Post no longer do COD.


Address to:

Clare Art Show
Clare Town Hall Function Room
Main North Road
Clare  SA  5453 

Suggested SA Freight services:

Cochranes Transport
70-88 Bedford Road
Gillman  SA 5013   
Telephone 08 83451800

Suggested Interstate Freight Options:

Australia Post

OR another reliable freight/transport company.

Entrants must arrange and pay for freight to and from Clare Art Show.

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