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Pre-Selection and Judging

Physical Art Show Pre-Selection and Judging Procedures

Pre-Selection Panel for Physical Art Show

  • Each year the Organisers will appoint a Pre-Selection panel to review entries received via Gallery 247.
  • The Panel will initially review and assess all adult submissions received, and will select which works will be invited to exhibit at the Clare Art Show. 
    A hanging/acceptance fee is then payable upon notification of selection. 
    This selection process allows Art Show organisers to:
    (1) ensure number and size of entries have not exceeded the allocated hanging space and;
    (2) advise artists if their artworks may be inappropriate to be publicly displayed at this Art Show.
  • The Show Judge/s may or may not be part of the Pre-Selection Pane panel.
  • All decisions on acceptances are final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.
  • Artists will be notified which of their works have been accepted to be exhibited prior to the opening of the Show.

Pre-Selection Panel for Virtual/Online Art Show
All artwork entries for the Virtual Art Show will be accepted (as per Terms & Conditions).

Physical Art Show Judging

  • Each year the Organisers appoint an external Art Show Judge/s for the Show.
  • Judging takes after the Art Show installation is complete.

Virtual/Online Art Show Judging
Art works submitted to the Virtual Art Show ONLY will not be judged and are NOT eligible for any prizes.

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